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Ailing Dogs Rescued from Glencoe Home By Susan Berger

By Rockey Flintermann on Jun 22, 2015 at 01:22 PM in News

Nearly 40 dogs covered in feces and matted fur, five of whom were later euthanized, were removed from a Glencoe home Thursday and were being treated Saturday at two North suburban animal hospitals, officilas said.

Officials wearing hazmat suits removed as many as 39 dogs from a home in the 800 block of Greenwood Avenue in the North suburban community, witnesses said. One nieghbor said the crews at the house worked nine hours Thursday and four hours Friday.

Officers were called to the home for a well-being check Wednesday and found 35 dogs, well in excess of the of the maximum number allowed in a home under Glencoe ordinaces, police said Saturday. A veterinarian who has been helping to care for the dogs said 39 dogs were found. No charges have been filed against the woman who lived at the home, police said. 

Neighbors said a woman who appeared to be in her 60s lived in the house for years. Dogs could be heard barking, but it did not appear to be more than a few dogs, one neighbor said. One neighbor said she had no idea about the dogs and described bursting into tears as she watched the crews remove animals.

Public records show a woman who recently sold the house is 65 years old. 

Sara Grogman, a veterinarian and owner of Glencoe Animal Hospital, said Glencoe Public Safety officials contacted her Thursday and brought 29 dogs to her facility. Eight dogs were taken to Preiser Animal Hospital in Northbrook, she said. 

Glencoe public safety officials would not comment and said a news release would be issued Monday.

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