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Scruffy Bobo seems to be searching for a special family. There is alot of pain and confusion when a family pet discovers themselves in new and strange surroundings with no familiar faces to run to for comfort.

Bobo is a very handsome, four year old wire-hair terrier mix who has been let down in life and needs a special and adult only home. He loves belly rubs and walks really nicely on a leash. Bobo likes to cuddle and knows how to sit, stay and lie down for a treat. 

In the mean time, we thought that a trip to Loving Care Pet Services for a holiday make-over and spa day might be just the thing to lift his spirits. At Loving Care Pet Services Bobo was treated to a special oatmeal bath to sooth his skin, a thorough brush and detailed cut. His ears and eyes were cleaned, teeth brushed and his nails were cut and buffed. As you can see he loves his festive holiday bandanna and proudly sat for a couple yummy treats after his special day at Loving Care grooming. Take a look at Bobo's before and after photos, and see how fresh and beautiful Bobo looks after his spa day. Handsome enough to tempt a potential adoptive family to look his way.

We know a bit of Bobo's history. He is house-broken, smart and highly food motivated and his wirey coat is not a huge shedder, but can be maintained with regular brushing and trips to the groomer. Please consider Bobo

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Orphans of the Storm


When I just say the words "Loving Care", my dog gets beyond excited. The Ranch is really his second home. He's as comfortable there as he is at his real home.
Carol S.